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Digitisation services

We digitise scientific collections and build automated digitisation systems for our customers. Sertifer Bioshare Labs is a spin-out and an authorised representative of the innovations and services of Digitarium, for the University of Eastern Finland.

Modern mass-digitisation is based on photographing all samples and their label data. This approach facilitates the automation of each of the steps in the process by employing the best available experts, methods, tools, and artificial intelligence.

Digitisation lines

We offer automated, conveyor-driven imaging lines for herbarium sheets and pinned insects. The lines will be assembled from industrial strength components available on the market and will be configured according to the needs of the customers. Delivery time from order is 3-6 months.

For operating the lines 1-3 people will be needed. The performance of the herbarium line is 500-1500 samples in a working day, and for the insect line about one half of that. See the videos about the functioning systems from the web pages of Digitarium and YouTube.

This turn-key solution fits for medium and large collections that want to keep up with digitising new accessions, and do not want to out-source digitisation.


Out-sourcing digitisation

We can digitise your collections at our facility in Joensuu. Our business partner, an international removal company with expertise of handling delicate museum objects retrieves and returns your collection. The collection will be processed through our automatic imaging lines and returned in the original order and condition.

This full service solution particularly fits for large collections in order to catch up with a large digitisation backlog. Our capacity is up to one half million samples in a year. Detailed service descriptions can be seen on the wiki-pages of Digitarium.


Human and artificial intelligence in digitisation

As an optional extra service we offer transciption of full label data. Our roster includes ten digitisation experts with biology degree and experience in digitisation. The transcription will be made using the DigiWeb-application, which is a transcription portal developed by Digitarium.

Modern image processing and OCR can go a long way in automating transcription. However, adding artificial neural networks to the process can go beyond that by learning handwritten text and even assisting in species identification. Our research services are addressing these questions, and we welcome such projects with our customers and partners.

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