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Forest health

Forest damage always comes as a surprise

Our company is the only in Finland, specialized to offer qualified know-how for these challenging situations.

Our products cover the following services:

  • Identification of damaging agents and other disturbances
  • Preparation of protection plans, detection and guidance
  • Silvicultural action plans for disturbances
  • Estimates of storm damages for forest insurance
  • Forest ecosystem service for detection of state and species composition
  • Assessment and monitoring of forest health
  • Assessment of soil condition and plan for soil amelioration
  • Tree inventory and estimates for growth and value of trees
  • Identification of pests in timber and wooden buildings and advise of their control
  • Educational services for forest management and protection
  • Customized research projects

Estimates and measures of forest damage and health

We will carry out a field survey for the assessment of the case and make a sufficient number of observations and measurements. A statement of the reasons and outcomes will be written on the ground of the field survey.

Control measures, such as spraying or preparatory fertilization will be organized by subcontractors, if needed.


Estimates of storm damage

The increasing frequency of storms may suddenly cause disturbance over large areas. Estimate of lost timber and recommendation of post-storm measures, including advice against secondary damages, is needed for forest management and forest insurance.


Identification of pests in trees, timber and wooden buildings

We will identify damage causing agents in trees, timber and in wooden buildings either on-site or by means of samples. A clear species description and a recommendation for measures will be written after the identification.

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Silvicultural services

Promoting forest resilience and growth

Our operations combine forest ecology, technology and economy. We focus promoting resilience of client's forest against biotic (insects, mammals, diseases) and abiotic (storms, frost, drought, snow) damage agents.

Silvicultural guidance

The target of the silvicultural guidance is to promote a recovery of the forest after a disturbance and a development of its value towards a favorable direction. We will pay attention to special features of the damage, estimates of a rotation period and condition of trees.


Estimation of yield value

Tree growth will decrease and mortality increase due to disturbances. We will create models and estimates for the expected tree growth and value based on our measurements and damage information.


Ecosystem services in the forest

High ecosystem diversity promotes resistance against damages. Our service includes mapping and detection of forest ecosystem, its function and species composition. We will detect e.g. valuable nature spots of forest, forest biodiversity, and occurrence of species

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